CIIE: US companies try to conquer Chinese market



More than 160 American companies are showing their products with the aim of impressing the Chinese market during the China International Import Expo in Shanghai


Conquering part of the Chinese market is now the target of many companies all over the world, and the China International Import Expo is certainly the ideal opportunity to show the products created by companies.

Among the countries most interested there are certainly the United States, which, with more than 160 companies, are trying to conquer visitors to the CIIE in Shanghai. Products presented by companies include wines, health products, wearable technology, home automation, helicopters, electric motors for the aerospace industry, and global logistics services.


The CIIE is an event that declares China’s unshakable confidence in multilateralism


Among the most representative companies is AECOM, an American multinational that has participated in a vast series of important national development projects in China, including the construction of Belt and Road and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

Sean Chiao, president of AECOM Asia Pacific, commenting on the CIIE, said it will “definitely play an unparalleled role in facilitating and promoting the economic development of China and of the world”.

Furthermore, Stephen Badger, chairman of the board of directors of confectionery maker Mars from Chicago, Illinois, said: “The CIIE is a platform that goes beyond China. It is a truly global event driving development across all Chinese industries by promoting cooperation amongst government and business entities as well as globalization and trade liberalization.


Companies like Johnson & Johnson also pick the newly-born fair to debut in the Chinese market a host of advanced medical devices


Among the most felt requests by American companies, that of free trade. For example, for Harld Peters, president of UPS China, the free flow of trade is vital. Peters told Xinhua that “The world’s logistic industry benefits from a global system that facilitates trade, only then can we reach maximum efficiency and effectiveness to reach our customers”.

Liang Ming, director of the foreign trade research center at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, reassures markets and promises greater openness by China. “China’s negative list is getting shorter and shorter, and we have the roadmap and timetable for continuous promotion of our opening up” he said.



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