Covid-19: China Banned not Certified Medical Supplies


With the new regulation , authorities took the step to finally ensure the quality and safety of exported medical supplies. But Beijing already sent to partners a list of certified companies 


China has decided to ban the export of coronavirus test kits and other medical supplies that do not meet the PRC’s own standards. The decision follows controversies in several virus-stricken nations over the poor quality of some tests and medical supplies exported from China, said media.

China’s Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, and National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) announced in a joint statement this week that from Wednesday, Chinese customs will only allow the export of medical supplies which are certified by the NMPA. The decision includes all exported tests, masks, personal protective equipment, ventilators, and infrared thermometers. Customs previously allowed the export of medical supplies that had been certified by medical regulators in other countries, but not by the NMPA. Now authorities took the step to ensure the quality and safety of exported medical supplies, the statement said.

Moreover producers and exporters will also be required to declare to customs that their goods meet the quality standards of the importing country or region. The clampdown came after different countries hand back defective medical supplies imported from China. But the greatest anger has been in Spain, which has, unfortunately, recorded a fifth of the world’s Covid-19 deaths.

Chinese authorities last week distanced themselves from a coronavirus antigen test produced by Shenzhen Bioeasy Technology Co. Ltd. that was used in Spain, after Spanish microbiologists found it only had a “sensitivity” of 30%. When Bioeasy was questioned about its tests, it pointed to the fact they had obtained a European Union CE mark and doctors in Spain made an “incorrect use of medical device”.

An explanation that even Central authorities in Beijing described as “pitiful”. The Chinese Embassy in Madrid said Bioeasy was not on a list of qualified suppliers that China’s Ministry of Commerce had given to Spain, then the Shenzhen-based company was forced by authorities to apologize and replace all antigen test produced and already sold. Only after the company said the products were not sold in China because they had not been approved by the NMPA. With the new regulation , authorities took the step to finally ensure the quality and safety of exported medical supplies.



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