Customized products: how can you make a dream come true? FiloBlu tells all


From buying anything regardless to desiring a unique product – this is the evolution taking place in online shopping: from the production of standardised products to mass customisation


The objective of any company is no longer simply that of selling their products to everyone but to offer each single client an item that is tailor-made according to their personal preferences.

How can you transform a wish into a real product? By placing the end client and their expectations at the very core of the Brand strategy to capture their attention. In order to make this vision come true, 5 passages are necessary:

Product identification: first of all, after an in-depth analysis of data and information from the retail environment, the e-commerce platform and marketing instruments, it is necessary to identify the product in the identified target that better lends itself to be personalised by the end client.

Creation of the technological interface: once the product has been identified, the next step involves studying the usability and the technical analysis of the functions necessary to create an online configurator, which meets the needs for personalisation identified by the Brand, and which is easy-to-use, fast and user-friendly.  

Operational management: with personalised products it is important to evaluate if the chosen product can be customised directly in logistics with the use of special equipment or if it has to be created at the company’s production facility. Direct personalisation in the logistics unit allows a reduction in delivery time compared to the time required for standard products. As a rule, the delivery time for either solution should not exceed 3-4 weeks from the moment of order.

Communication activities: a project of this nature must be backed up by specific publicity and marketing campaigns in order to give the identified target the chance to get to know about the initiative and be tempted to try out the specially created experience.   

FiloBlu is a company specialised in the implementation of digital strategies and e-commerce projects for business development and the growth of equity brands of Brands and Retailers at international level. It has always helped its clients to create Made-to-Order projects that make shopping online or in the store a unique experience.

There are many sectors that offer their end clients the chance to personalise products, in particular the accessories sector for shoes and bags. For Brands such as Santoni and O bag, for instance, FiloBlu has developed an online configurator. This business is closely followed by the world of sport, in which the personalisation of sportswear for football teams, to give just one example, has for a long time been considered an essential element by sport supporters.  

Cifnews and Filoblu reached a consensus on Filoblu’s entry into the Chinese market and its participation in the CCEE (Zhejiang). During the CCEE (Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition) conference held on Jun. 12-13 2018, Filoblu will attend it with a stand. Meanwhile, its executives will present a speech about European e-commerce market dynamics and opportunities.


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