Dear Apple, You Are Replaceable!


From Huawei to Xiaomi, from OnePlus to Vivo, Chinese smartphones’ technology have gained increasing popularity. Is iPhone still the best phone on the market? People – and the market – don’t think so anymore


For a certain period of time, people around the globe thought iPhone was the only choice as top-level smartphone. Most users didn’t even think about updating their smartphone: the next phone will be the new iPhone, of course. 

However, after watching Apple’s event last week, people started feeling that iPhone is now becoming replaceable. On the stage, during the presentation of the newest iPhone Xs, Tim Cook used the usual “the most advanced” catchphrase to describe their models. 


Is really Apple the most innovative company in smartphones sector? Maybe no one among the audience tried Huawei, OnePlus nor Xiaomi. They’re no inferior compared to Apple, now.  Apple is still competitive, there are no doubts, but iPhone is no longer the shiniest star in Apple’s universe


Let’s talk about OnePlus. This surprising brand is the best selling phone model in the high-end smartphone markets of countries include Finland and India – consumers think OnePlus 6 is thin and light and feels good to hold. What about Xiaomi? Beijing based company, tops the Chinese and Indian phone market, plus Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system is easy to navigate. OPPO and Vivo are also surprisingly innovative brands too.

And of course there is Huawei.  Apple has been overtaken by the Chinese smartphone giant as the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker by sales, sending the iPhone maker to third place for the first time since the time when Blackberry and Nokia used to rule the market.

Apple is still competitive, there are no doubts, and it is still one of the world’s most innovative companies. Apple, in terms of constructing a “closed ecosystem” where products match each other, is unique.  However, iPhone is no longer the shiniest star in Apple’s universe. iPhone has become an option.

Those who praised the big screen of iPhone Xs Max may have not heard of Huawei or Xiaomi – both products have bigger screens. In the so called “selfie-era”, camera is an important tool too. Those who commend iPhone’s dual-camera system may not know that Huawei’s P10 already supported dual-camera, and new P20 Pro supports tri-camera, still in partnership with Leica.

If you are stunned at a dual-sim card, you may not understand dual-sim card has been an extremely common feature in China for years: it totally is a Shenzhen-developed technology, and answer to Chinese citizens’ needs. The reason is easy: in China mobile phone tariffs are different from one province to another one, so it’s better to have dual-sim phones, especially for businessmen. Dear Apple, your iPhone is easily replaceable. And the market is already telling you the truth.



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