Deutsche Bank, the shares of HNA Group decrease


HNA Group, one of the most important Chinese conglomerates, has reduced its stake in Deutsche Bank – the largest financial institution in Germany of which HNA Group is the main shareholder, falling from 9.9% to 9.2%.

HNA, as reported by Xinhua, has made it known that it will remain an important shareholder of the banking institution in any case, staying ahead of the Emirate of Qatar and the US investment institutions Blackrock and Cerberus.

Despite the slight decline in shares, the HNA spokesperson announced that there is no concern about the group, specifying how this maneuverer was dictated “in relation to the long-term adaptation in the financing structure of the Deutsche Bank holdings”.

HNA, therefore, will continue its dominance over the Deutsche Bank, which it controls through C Quadrat, as well as through a complex series of derivative financial instruments.

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