DHgate Strengthens APEC Initiative for Women Entrepreneurs


Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform, DHgate, is strengthening its APEC Women Connect project through affiliations with local women’s organizations throughout the world.

The APEC Women Connect project was launched in 2016 and aims to offer opportunities for female entrepreneurs worldwide by sharing knowledge and access to leadership. Through the program, female entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs have the opportunity to communicate with business mentors, advisors, and experts through online and offline courses.

This newest venture allows APEC Women Connect to accommodate the different regions and cultures it hopes to access through local partnerships. The initiative will help train local women-led SMEs and share cross-border e-commerce analysis and trends. The Women Connect Headquarters will promote activities include the establishment and operation of online communities, the design and distribution of training materials, and integration of local resources.

The plan is widely recognized by APEC, and local alliances have been created in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, Chile, and Vietnam to discuss the 2018 development plan.

“In the digital economy, women are more likely to start businesses and embrace the opportunity,” said Shutong Wang, Founder, and CEO of DHgate. “With the release and implementation of the globalized APEC Women Connect project, DHgate will work with more political and economic women leaders to help them break through the bottleneck of entrepreneurship and realize their dreams.”

Founded in 2004, DHgate is the first B2B Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform. The mission of DHgate is to help SMEs worldwide develop global business. The platform works with over 1.7 million registered suppliers, 7.7 million online products and 15 million registered buyers, providing services to 222 countries.



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