Didi Chux, 30 million trips during the Chunyun


Over 30.67 million trips to Chunyun, the shifting period in the Spring Festival (from February 1 to March 12 this year) for Didi Chux. The giant of ride-sharing has recorded important numbers, as confirmed by the approximately 90,000 races reported on the day of 10 February. As far as the length of a trip is concerned, the record belongs to the Harbin-Shenzhen route, with a total of 3,391 km.

Going in particular, Didi explained how the number of passengers related to the Chunyun this year, is equal to half of those who have chosen to travel by plane. In his travels, Didi was able to count on over 15.4 million passengers, who decided to travel in remote areas and towns by using the ride-sharing service.

The numbers are mainly due to the expansion of the service networks. If in the past the ride-sharing only served the big cities, now the service has also reached the small cities, with an increase in customers and services in the last 12 months.

In addition, travel sharing helps links between people. According to statistics, in fact, almost 62,000 trips made during the Spring Festival holidays are terminated without any transaction; to drive the generosity ranking, there are Chengdu drivers.

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