E-business means “China 2025”? CCEE Xiamen reveals cross-border e-commerce trends


The 2018 Xiamen China Cross-Border E-commerce Exhibition (CCEE) kicked off yesterday with presentations from movers and shakers in e-commerce industry from around the world, including officials from the Fujian’s Province Government, which co-sponsored the event along with Cifnews


In July, the national cross-border e-commerce industry ushered in major news. The State Council has added a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone in 22 cities, and Xiamen is one of them. The 2018 CCEE (Xiamen) Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Selection Conference once again set off a big craze of selection. More than 500 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors attended the event.


With the establishment of the third batch of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones nationwide in 2018, cross-border e-commerce ushered in the “golden age”. As one of the selected cities, Xiamen’s cross-border e-commerce will also usher in major development opportunities.


Lin Zhenya, director of the Economic Development Bureau of the Xiamen Free Trade Commission, said in her speech that in recent years, Xiamen City has highly valued the development of cross-border e-commerce industry, relying on the reform and innovation advantages of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, creating a comprehensive service platform for cross-border e-commerce, and supporting policies, etc., to achieve faster business development and breakthroughs.

According to reports, since the listing of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone in April 2015, nearly 350 reform measures have been launched in three and a half years, of which nearly one-third of trade facilitation measures have laid a good foundation for foreign trade development. Cross-border e-commerce is one of the key work points, and the free trade zone has also continuously introduced supporting policies. According to statistics, in 2017, the mail express business has reached 48 million, ranking sixth in the country.


“Transformation from B2B to B2C requires a complete platform, a service chain, an even better platform to integrate resources in various fields, and then Cifnews will become an important part of the Free Trade Zone overseas action plan.” Lin Zhenya said.


Cifnews global cross-border e-commerce center launched to help more Chinese companies achieve branding overseas. At present, Cifnews has transformed from the original cross-border e-commerce news media to the cross-border e-commerce smart service platform, from content production to traffic to big data and artificial intelligence, and based on such underlying values, it is able to extend into smart service platform and smart product selection platform. The smart service platform is a combination of services through smart education (Yuke, offline training), logistics payment, and e-commerce platform. The smart product selection platform will help Chinese manufacturers to connect with the small B in the world through the CCEE offline exhibition and CCEE.COM content marketing model. In December, Cifnews will hold the first overseas exhibition in the Middle East.

Weng Yaoxiong, CEO of Cifnews, revealed that Cifnews global cross-border e-commerce center is the first “Cifnews Center”. In the next three years, Cifnews is expected to be deployed in many cities within China and abroad, including Belgium, Italy, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. More than 20 cities in China, such as Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Jiangsu, have settled in the “Cifnews Center” to create a global cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. By integrating global high-quality cross-border ecological resources, Cifnews has a unique incubation model and it will help more Chinese companies to achieve their brands overseas.

Gregg Shupe, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Changlu Sales, based in Europe and the United States, reviewed the strong performance of the holiday season in the United States and the European Union in 2017. In the past major global sales activities in 2017, the sales generated by American holidays are much higher than those in Western Europe and other holidays. Gregg Shupe provides the seller with a preparation strategy for each stage of the peak season and explained every detail of the Amazon advertising stage, as well as the popular SNS promotion skills, laying a good foundation for the peak season explosion.

Become a giant in the theory of product selection! Learn the product selection theory with the professional perspective system. Gao Zhiqiang, Promotion Director of Globalegrow E-commerce, systematically analyzed the theoretical basis of product selection, including five models: platform, supply chain + branding, industry and finance, big data, and specialization; four characteristics: personalization, digitization, localization, nationalization. The market’s product selection theory is presented in the most streamlined and professional manner, helping the seller to find out the ideas of product selection, clearing the cloud in the seller’s head, and selective targeting, and turning the theories into actions.


What kind of spark can social media platform and cross-border e-commerce create when put together? As the world’s largest social platform, Yang Fan, Facebook China SME partner manager, analyzed the inseparable relationship between social platforms in life, and opened up the huge business opportunities hidden in it, but how do sellers explore these business opportunities?


Yang Fan said: “The first step is to build a brand’s homepage is to tell everyone what you are selling, first upload the brand image, then upload the brand name, and finally release the brand content; the second step is to determine the audience, especially for SMEs, to identify which potential consumers are in the unfamiliar consumer market; and third, use eye-catching advertisements to trigger high-conversion purchases.”

What? There is also a blue ocean market covering one-third of the world’s population! South Asia, South America, and Africa have a population of 2.3 billion, accounting for one-third of the world. Jumia, Linio, and Daraz also targeted these markets. Hong Xuan, senior manager of the Asia-Pacific marketing department, analyzed the friendliness between the regions in terms of population, geography, and network coverage, and made them more vertical, revealing these blue ocean markets with huge potential hidden within.

On August 23-24, there were also rounds of dry goods baptism in major conference venues. Domestic and foreign heavyweight platforms came together, and the lineup is unprecedentedly strong. Amazon, eBay, Wish, and JD Noon will bring official benefits. At the same time, the seller also has an opportunity to build a China-European logistics bridge with Zhang Dongqing, the general manager of China Europe Logistics Park, and to explore the Korean market with the Korean marketing director of Cifnews!


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