E-commerce, in 2019 China is ready to spend $ 2 trillion!



By the end of 2019 over one third of China’s retail sales will be online


Two years ago China had reached a record that, at the time, looked great: 1 trillion spent on online purchases. For 2019, however, the figure looks set to go up, with users in the Asian country who could get up to $ 2 billion, as reported by Emarketer data.

In fact, each of the 802 million Chinese web users should spend about $ 2,494 in online stores during the year just begun. By the end of 2019, according to estimates, more than a third of China’s retail sales will be online. Analysts, studying the phenomenon, have confirmed that this will be “the highest rate in the world”.


Alibaba alone will account for $ 1 trillion in Chinese online shopping


Given the above estimates, in 2019 China is destined to surpass the United States in the role of the main retail market in the world, reaching $ 5.6 trillion in total consumer spending, against US $ 5 trillion.

The Alibaba alone, going into detail, will represent a record of $ 1 trillion in Chinese online shopping this year. Among these numbers, however, is hidden the way in which the Chinese national ecommerce is losing adherence, with its market share declining from 69.7% to 53.3% in the last three years.


The most important surprise is represented by Pinduoduo


While Amazon is largely behind the table, with a 1% decline compared to 2016, the most important surprise is represented by Pinduoduo.

The app that has used an aggressive price cut and a particular attention for short-term buyers, has in fact passed from 0 to 7% of market movements, or $ 139 billion of sales in just three years.



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