E-commerce: Indonesian Platform Orami Launches its Parenting App


Social commerce spreads outside China. Orami now has tens of thousands of members across 75 cities in Indonesia


Launched  in 2016 after the merger of two women-focused e-commerce sites, Moxy and Bilna, Orami has raised USD 15 million so far from various investors, like Indonesia’s Sinar Mas Digital Ventures (SMDV), Gobi Partners, Ardent Capital, and Velos Partners. Today the platform is ready to launch its parenting app called “Orami Parenting”, strengthening its position as an all-in-one parenting platform.

The idea of creating a parenting app was formulated last year. Orami will produce original, informative content for mothers and cultivate a supportive community for parents. Cynthia Tenggara, former founder and CEO of online catering platform Berrykitchen, has joined the company as head of parenting. The business model is based on social-commerce. A trend 100% made in China.

A community-based platform, the Orami Parenting app has a chat function for parents to discuss and share their thoughts with each other. It also has online consultation classes with childcare experts. The platform hosts parenting-related articles and videos, and also offers discounts for products on Orami’s e-commerce site.

As more young mothers turn to online sources for assistance and guidance in raising their kids, retail and other services targeting parents are growing niche segments. In 2018, the e-commerce firm formed Orami Community, which currently has tens of thousands of members spread across 75 cities in Indonesia. Those users have been migrated to Orami Parenting, where, in the near future, they will be able to access new features like a baby sitter search service. The company expects Orami Parenting to hit at least 150,000 downloads this year.



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