E-commerce is growing but also the related complaints



According to the regulator, complaints about e-commerce increased by 126% in 2018


Creating new businesses also means creating new laws to regulate it. And that’s what’s happening in China, where the big e-commerce companies are facing increasing fury from local customers. Indeed, regulators received over 201 million complaints from online shoppers in 2018, an increase of 126.2% compared to the previous year.

In addition to a series of laws strengthened over time, according to the state administration for the regulation of the market have contributed to unleash dunence deceptive advertising and counterfeit products.


China’s online sales volume reached RMB 1.39 billion ($ 208.2 billion) during the first two months of 2019


Protecting the e-commerce market with law for China is fundamental. Only in early 2019, in fact, China’s online sales volume reached RMB 1.39 billion ($ 208.2 billion). Although e-commerce has become one of the pillars of the country’s economy, some flaws in this market are arousing widespread criticism from consumers.

In order to save the market, an official of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate told the local media on Tuesday that China would commit to repressing illegal acts in the production and marketing of counterfeit products.



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