E-commerce Trend: Baby&Maternity  users platforms will reach 204 million this year


In 2020 it will reach 239 million. MAMA (妈妈网) and BabyTree (宝宝树) are baby & maternity top leaders APPs


According to a recent report from iiMedia, With the overall promotion of the second child policy and the popularity of the mobile Internet, China Mobile Maternal and Infant Industry has stepped onto a steady pace of development, and the scale of users will reach 204 million in 2019, with an increase of over 30 % compared to 2018. In 2020 it will reach 239 million.



Among them, post-90s (39.6%) and post-95s (32%) are the majority. 46.3% are living in first tier cities, while 32.2% of them are from second-tier cities. This group of the population grows up in a more relaxed and caring environment, and is highly dependent on the Internet. 



 Two major players among all baby & maternity APPs are MAMA (妈妈网) and BabyTree (宝宝树), both have more than 50% users. But new platforms such as Wanwuxinxuan(万物心选) are becoming popular day by day. According to data, this year averagely users open these APPs 2.91 times per day. Users prefer to use products that can provide more diversified services.



As the data of iiMedia Research showed, over 80% pregnant women like to be recommended with related products from friends, KOLs or APPs. However, when it comes to decision making, WOM is the most important factor (55.6%), following with the brand awareness (42.9%), KOL’s description (37.6%) and product price (28.6%), said iiMedia.

In response to the changing needs of users, the integrated maternal and infant platforms that integrates information, knowledge, communication and e-commerce services has become the mainstream of the mobile maternal and infant industry.




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