e-sport, the support of Chinese local governments



China will host 350 million players in 2019: a total market of 13.8 billion yuan


The e-sports are becoming so popular that somebody believes that they should be part of the Olympics. In particular, the electronic games market is expanding at an incredible speed and is always more successful. For this reason, there are many countries that are investing in this sector.

As for China, local governments are developing favorable policies to support the e-sports industry. In fact, China is expected to host 350 million players by the end of this year, with an expected market of 13.8 billion yuan (about $ 2 billion).


Many initiatives have been taken by local governments in China to attract gamers


For example, the province of Hainan, in southern China, established a 1 billion yuan fund exclusively for the gaming industry in order to stimulate its development. The province also offers family registration and college enrollment without testing for elite players.

Earlier this month, Shanghai released 20 articles to consolidate its advantages in the e-sports sector, including improving the business environment and expanding the industrial chain. Over the next three to five years, the city is even planning to build an e-sport hub.

In western China, Xi’an has issued favorable policies for the industry, offering a subsidy amounting to 3 billion yuan for e-sports businesses that settle in the city.


The Chinese e-sports industry has entered a virtuous circle with the development of other mobile games


BOCI Securities, one of the leading brokers in China, said that these favorable policies should continue, which will bring more confidence to the future development of the sector and will attract more talent and capital. Insiders pointed out that the electronic sports industry has matured beforehand and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain.

A report by Guotai Junan Securities in China indicated that the Chinese e-sports industry has entered a virtuous circle with the development of other mobile games. Therefore, even on this sport of the future, China is at the forefront.



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