Eleme, Xing Xuan now online, targeting high-end food and beverage takeaway


Alibaba Group Partner, Alibaba Local Life Service Company President, Eleme CEO Wang Lei announced that Eleme officially launched a strategic upgrade including the creation of a high-end food and beverage outlet platform


On October 12th, Alibaba Group announced the formal establishment of a local life service company, combining Eleme and Koubei and merged to form a leading domestic life service platform. This also defines the future goal for Alibaba Local Life Services to redefine urban life.

On the third day after Alibaba announced the establishment of a local life service company, its strategic upgrade took the first step. The local lifestyle service market centered on food and beverage take-off has officially ushered in a new Internet-based and data-based era.

In recent years, the local living service market has grown rapidly. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s takeout consumption will increase from 305 billion yuan to 872 billion yuan, compared to physical retail and entertainment products, including local food service for food and beverage delivery. The overall situation is still relatively low in digitalization and Internetization, but this means there is a huge development space.


At the press conference, Wang Lei announced that Eleme officially launched a series of strategic upgrades including the business-enhancedoverall solution, full-scenario life service portal and the establishment of a high-end food and beverage take-out platform.


Among them, the launch of the star business selection is not only the first step of the overall strategic upgrade but also the first step in the upgrade of Alibaba’s local life service strategy.

The Eleme Xing Xuan platform of more than 2 million active businesses based on 6 dimensions, 5 rounds of screening, 25 considerations, the final comprehensive score of the top 50% of the businesses can be short-listed candidates for Xing Xuan selection, and the top 10% comprehensive score of businesses will have the opportunity to become star businesses on the platform.



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