EU Cross Border E Commerce Forum Kicks Off with Innovators from All Over the World


BRI and Cross-Border E-commerce the major trends in international business. How East and West could speak e-business language? 


The first EU Cross Border E Commerce Forum kicked off today at Liege airport with presentations from movers and shakers in the e-commerce and industry from around the world. Europe is ready to embrace a new cooperation with China and is drawing a win-win strategy. On the other side Beijing is ready to strengthen trade dialogue following Belt and Road Initiative. In this framework, under the theme “Cross-Border E-Commerce through the BRI”, the city of Liège is ready to set a new collaboration path between East and West.



The forum is to be linked with the momentum the Belt and Road Initiative is having in Europe – as well as across the whole world – while also focusing on a major trends in international business: cross-border e-commerce. Moreover the EU-CBEC Forum is trying to answer these following questions: How Chinese e-commerce market is growing and which challenges are facing both Chinese and European companies?

That’s why today many professionals attended the EU-CBEC Forum organized Cifnews雨果网 (the first and largest Chinese media specialized on cross-border e-commerce with its international team based in Padova, Italy) and AWEX (Wallonia Export-Investment Agency) but other partners joined it.



As pointed out by Michel Kempeneers, Awex’s COO, “cross-border e-commerce is increasing. The whole sector signed +13.6% compared with last year”. Wang Haichen from Atlas, also said “how e-commerce is becoming such important resource for Chinese retailers”. According to Wang, more than 60% of chinese good are sold via e-commerce channels. 

And Europe? How so called “old continent” is approaching the upcoming e-commerce evolution? Jasmin Battista, Head of ecommerce sector for European Commission has given today an European perspective about this topic, embracing BRI topic too. “We, as Commission, are helping European firms to sell not only in Euro zone but in other markets too” said Jasmin Battista.


“About Belt and Road Initiative, it is without doubt a big opportunities for both parties, but we also should have honest and win-win dialogue between European countries and China”. Battista also added few words concerning e-commerce trends. “China is exporting right now new trends such as social-commerce or live-streaming. We shouldn’t be afraid of these new trends from China, and should be much more open because e-commerce is a open business”. 

The first day of EU E-Commerce Cross-Border Forum was also the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between Cainiao and Liege Airport. Both parties during their internet underlined how Belgium cold be in the next future a new strategic hub for gross-border goods from China. At the end Cainiao, Alibaba’s logistic harm, explained to the public the new issues and challenges in terms of logistic. 


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