Even cars speak thanks to WeChat



This year, WeChat plans to launch entirely vocal services for drivers


Enough distractions in the car by clicking on the mobile or on keys that don’t always work. WeChat also revolutionizes the way we drive.

In particular, at a corporate conference, the vice president of Tencent Auto Intelligence (TAI), Zhong Xuedan, announced that, in its ecosystem of connected vehicles, WeChat will launch voice-enabled services during the current year.


For now, the planned features include only chat, calls and GPS navigation


Central to the operation of this new revolution is the TAI system, which allows drivers to listen to WeChat messages, read aloud and dictate answers, start conversations and find contacts without taking their hands off the wheel.

When receiving calls, drivers will also be able to accept or reject calls with voice commands. Furthermore, after receiving a GPS location pin from a WeChat friend, drivers will be able to easily launch directions to the place.


Tencent unveiled the concept of TAI last month, with the aim of connecting automotive companies, developers and consumers


In the future, in the hardware department, Tencent also announced that a custom steering wheel will have a button that allows users to turn on WeChat while driving or switch from one app to another. Furthermore, using a Bluetooth-phone connection, the car’s WeChat system will be able to switch on and off while the driver enters and exits the vehicle.

According to the official website, the Tencent ecosystem has already collaborated with leading automotive brands including Mercedes-Benz and BMW, as well as with the Chinese companies Nio, BYD and GAC.



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