Ezbuy’s Angry CEO


Ezbuy, once Singapore’s largest e-commerce platform, is in trouble as of late. Its overall performance has been declining since last year’s Single’s Day, when thousands of orders were not delivered to customers.

Yesterday, an episode happened in the Singaporean startup world. He Jian, founder and CEO of Ezbuy, released a message in his private social media accounts: An Open Letter to Jack Ma: Alibaba is a Bully!

The protest was mainly regarding Ezbuy accounts on Taobao, and that Alibaba banned all of Ezbuy’s Chinese warehouses on Single’s day 2017. Additionally, Alibaba used various approaches to prevent sellers from connecting with Ezbuy.

It is understandable that He Jian felt powerless and angry. That being said, Alibaba’s methods may be too strong, but it is not Alibaba’s responsibility to solve Ezbuy’s predicament.

The letter of complaint does not provide address of propose a business model, or give specifics about the Southeast Asian e-commerce situation. However, as long as people are concerned with cross-border e-commerce, it is clear that Ezbuy and Alibaba do not have a relationship of support and assistance.

Singaporean e-commerce platform Ezbuy has existed for roughly seven years – plenty of time to strengthen its strategic position in the global e-commerc e playing field and hone its technical capabiliities. The big reason for the missed deliveries on Single’s Day to customer were in large part due to Ezbuy operations, which rely on manpower.

Any enterprise that hopes to have a long life in e-commerce must have sufficient strategic vision and core competitiveness.


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