FIFA: sellers on AliExpress can’t use World Cup trademarks



Sellers on AliExpress are not allowed to use FIFA’s intellectual property, including trademarks and key words, when advertising their products. The crackdown comes as the 2018 FIFA World Cup approaches.


As the 2018 World Cup approaches, AliExpress received notices from FIFA and Roskomnadzor that sellers must comply with laws and regulations around copyright infringement.

The notices stressed to sellers that FIFA registered trademarks and other copyrighted material cannot be used in other companies’ product title or description without official authorization.

The following keywords are some of FIFA’s registered trademarks, and unauthorized use is considered an infringement:

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To avoid being punished by the rights holders and AliExpress, the seller needs to conduct a self-examination and self-correction of its product information, including the pictures titles, and detailed descriptions of the online products.

AliExpress said it reserves the right to impose relevant penalties in accordance with the platform rules.

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