FiloBlu and B2B projects: a digital experience focussed around physical stores


From e-commerce to the physical retail network, still remaining in the digital field. Companies are still focussing and investing in the online experience but the physical retail store is making a strong comeback as a fundamental asset in the relationship with the end users.


According to the Drive-to-Store concept, traditional online, business to consumer services are becoming fundamental elements in the development of solutions that aim to support and encourage customers to step back into the stores and turn into long-term loyal customers.

Hence the development of B2B projects aimed at physical stores, with the creation of e-commerce platforms featuring a structure of information and visual elements recalling those of the typical logics of B2C sites. Their commercial, promotional and order management aspects as well as those regarding user types, however, have been specifically designed to allow a customised navigation experience, access to information and functions.    

The B2B channel, as a matter of fact, provides the physical sales network with information related to the Brand and to the current collections. It also allows it to be informed about real time availability of new products, to buy different sizes and colours for the same product recurrently while designing shop windows that are constantly up-to-date and in line with the publicity message of the represented brand.

This process involves different areas, ranging from Retail Management, E-Mail Marketing, Operations, right up to Sale Assistance, which follows customers throughout their personal online shopping process.

FiloBlu, a company specialised in implementing digital strategies and e-commerce projects for business development and the growth of the brand equity of Brands and Retailers at international level. It closely assists companies with the strategic and operational aspects involved in the creation and management of their online B2B channel, starting with the definition of a strategic management.

Some of the Brands that, together with FiloBlu, have embarked on this path in order to develop their business and improve their sales network, are Automobili Lamborghini and Antony Morato.

Cifnews and Filoblu reached a consensus on Filoblu’s entry into the Chinese market and its participation in the CCEE (Zhejiang). During the CCEE (Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition) conference held on Jun. 12-13 2018, Filoblu will attend it with a stand. Meanwhile, its executives will present a speech about European e-commerce market dynamics and opportunities.

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