First Day of 2018 E-commerce Conference & Cifnews Partners Dinner Met with Success


Jan. 11, 2018 – Over 1300 attendees were joined by more than 10,000 online viewers for the 2018 E-commerce Conference & Cifnews Partners Dinner in Shenzhen. Morning highlights including speeches by executives from Facebook, WeChat parent company, Tencent, and Alibaba. Common themes for the day’s events included Big Data, overseas penetration for Chinese sellers, and the New Silk Road.

Facebook highlighted its potential as a marketing platform for Chinese brands to build campaigns for overseas sales. While Chinese social media users overwhelmingly prefer WeChat to Facebook for communication, the data generated by Facebook users generates great insights for Chinese sellers and brands.

Tencent executive, Robert Luo, presented Tencent Cloud, a platform that allows small and medium size sellers to leverage overseas and domestic sales with Big Data. Thanks to an international network of data centers and high-speed fiber optics, Tencent Cloud provides services to international sellers with low latency.

Luo highlighted Tencent precision marketing initiatives including data accumulation and labeling, and seller livestreaming video presentations.

“First, people were finding the products. Now the situation has changed. We need to find the customers, and we need to do this through Big Data,” Luo stated. Luo also noted the growing popularity of the young Chinese social network, the Little Red Book.

Alibaba executive, Guohai Liu, spoke on the success of Single’s Day as well as a new shopping holiday, SuperSeptember, during which Alibaba increased international sales by 30%. Liu gave mention of Alibaba CEO and visionary, Jack Ma’s, efforts to reposition Alibaba as a tech company rather than an e-commerce company. Initiatives reflecting this pivot include refined categorization of products and a tailor-made browsing experience for individual users.

Afternoon highlights included a presentation on Japanese cross-border e-commerce strategy, Italian marketing company Filoblu on omnichannel retail strategies for international brands entering the Chinese market, and Chinese company, Whalehouse Technology, offering insight into its automated logistics and shipping operations.

In summary, the first day of the 2018 E-commerce Conference & Cifnews Partners Dinner stressed the importance of data-driven decision making to achieve global penetration in the ever-accelerating arena of online sales.

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