First place for Kuaishou in the Apple Stores of Russia


Kuaishou, backed by Tencent, is a social platform that allows users to capture and share snippets of their everyday lives through short videos and live-streaming


If initially it seemed that the Kuaishou App would not be a great success, now things have certainly changed. According to App Annie Data, indeed, Kuaishou app ranked No 1 in Apple Stores in Russia and Belarus in late April and recently became the most downloaded app in a day in South Korea.

Kuaishou is famous worldwide because it groups videos containing clips of stunts and pranks by users in small Chinese towns along the lines of those featured in US reality television show Jackass.


Thanks to this peculiarity, Kuaishou managed to arrive to the top of Apple’s App Stores in eight countries outside mainland China by number of downloads


The numbers of success speak for themselves: March 25 Kuaishou became the most downloaded app in Vietnam, after which it achieved the same result in Indonesia, Ukraine, Turkey and Taiwan. And now also Russia, Belarus and South Korea have been “infected” by the passion for this App.

Kaishou also said that his marketing strategy focused primarily on those countries that will be part of the project “One Belt, One Road”. The company said: “We want to provide users with a social platform that not only records their daily lives but also gives them a chance to perform”.

The push of Kaishou on markets outside of China is also due to the Chinese government’s policies that decided to “clean up” the Chinese digital universe from vulgar and non-sensitive content. Ma Shicong, an analyst with the Beijing-based internet consultancy Analysys International, said: “There’s only one billion mobile internet users in China, that’s the ceiling, so these companies need to go overseas for growth and be more careful that posted content is in line with the culture and social values of those markets”.


Vulgar content is still a problem and Kaishou has decided to double its review team to 5,000 people


Users of Kuaishou? According to a Questmobile report, users are over 88 million people aged between 18 and 28 who are described as “typical young people in small towns”.




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