First tests of the automated and driverless subway in Sichuan



The province of Sichuan, in the provincial capital of Chengdu, tests a subway with the highest level of automation


The vast Chinese territory needs easier and more efficient travel for its citizens, and many regions are adopting cutting-edge solutions. For example, in the Sichuan province, a subway is being designed with the highest level of automation

According to the Sichuan Daily newspaper, which reported the news, the subway is the first Grade-of-Automation subway 4 (GoA4) of the country with eight carriages. According to the International Association of Public Transport, these trains, which circulate on the GoA4 system, operate automatically at all times, including the opening and closing of doors, the detection of obstacles and the management of emergencies.

The metro is the country’s first Grade-of-Automation 4 (GoA4) subway with eight carriages


The eight wagons can transport up to 3,496 people in a single journey (more than the current automatic metros running in Beijing and Shangha) and the only test model is designed to run at 100 km / h on the Chengdu Subway Line 9 , a 22 km railway that connects the western and southern parts of the city.

In the future there will be a total of 25 trains of this type that will operate on the route when the line will be put into service at the end of 2020, according to the newspaper.



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