Fitness, a market that can take off in China



The market could reach a value of 1.5 trillion yuan ($ 223.2 billion) by 2020


The fitness market in China has enormous potential for growth, as more people in the country seek a healthier lifestyle and also a relief from the increasing work pressure.

By 2020, therefore, the overall market size is estimated to reach 1.5 trillion yuan ($ 223.2 billion), according to the General Administration of Chinese Sport.


China currently has over 46,000 gyms across the country


China is currently home to over 46,000 gyms. For many people, exercise may not be a priority due to a tight schedule and intense work life, but general health awareness has improved in recent years.

Liu Mumin, a 56-year-old woman who lives in Beijing, spends more than an hour at the gym every day, a habit she took after being admitted to hospital last May. “As I lay there, I suddenly realized the importance of health and immediately sent a message to my trainer, telling him I wanted to make it a routine,” Liu said.

Like Liu, Yan Xiaopeng, a staff member of a financial institution in Beijing, also pays close attention to his health. “Exercise has already become part of my life, just like eating and drinking”.


However, the new market needs serious regulation


Although the Chinese fitness market, supported by new technologies, has been traced rapidly, specific regulations are still needed not only for orderly market development, but also for consumer interests and rights.

Some experts, in fact, believe that the Chinese fitness market is facing a reshuffle. Only gyms that focus on internal management and protect the rights and interests of consumers by offering them more diversified services.



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