Former Microsoft researcher joins AI Institute


Dr. Xiaodong He joins China’s second largest e-commerce platform as VP of AI Institute


Artificial intelligence scientist Dr. Xiaodong He has signed on to as Vice President of the company’s AI research institute and the director of its language laboratory.

Dr. He will lead his team to apply deep learning and natural language processing techniques to emerging areas such as intelligent customer service, smart guides, multimodal interaction and the implementation of automated app environments to improve user experience.

The JD Language Lab will also focus on speech recognition and apply its latest research results in JD retail, logistics, finance, and cloud computing.

Prior to joining, Dr. He worked at Microsoft as a Principal Researcher and the head of its Deep Learning Technology Center. He was concurrently a professor and doctoral tutor at The University of Washington in Seattle.

He’s research focus is artificial intelligence and covers deep learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, computer vision, and information retrieval.

“It is very exciting to join I am looking forward to combining my experience in AI research, applied technologies, and management planning with’s data to further explore and develop a model of new retail and to offer better services for consumers and the entire industry,” He stated.

Technology has become central to’s development strategy and artificial intelligence is the force driving it. At the JD Financial Global Data Explorer Competition (JDD), Richard Liu, chairman and CEO of JD Group, proposed that AI should be a way of thinking.

At present, has provided many artificial intelligence services such as smart logistics, smart customer service, and smart supply chain. The addition of Dr. He will further enhance JD’s user experience in these business scenarios.

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