Fuzhou supermarket “Pay while Buying”


With the reform of commodities in major supermarkets, customer service has now become a strategy for supermarkets


Since Fuzhou Supermarket launched the “Pay while Buying” service, it can not only improve the hardware facilities of the supermarket but also improve the convenience of customers.


Recently, supermarkets such as Walmart and Carrefour in Fuzhou have launched the “Pay while Buying” service. From the operation mode, several supermarkets are similar.


After entering the supermarket, consumers can use the mobile phone app WeChat to open the shopping app and while selecting what they want, they can scan the barcode of what they want and it will display the product information and price. After selecting what they want to buy, the consumer can directly pay via mobile phone, generate the departure code on WeChat, and finish shopping by scanning the departure code at the dedicated channel of the supermarket.

In fact, last year, supermarkets such as Tianhong and Yonghui in Fuzhou began to try “Pay while Buying”. Consumers also browsed the products on the mobile phone app WeChat or supermarket app while shopping, and then paid on the mobile phone after selecting.


What is different from the past to the present is that when the consumer leaves the supermarket, the staff must write off the goods in the verification channel first, then they are allowed to leave the supermarket. If there are too many customers for the staff to write off, customers have to queue at the verification channels.


The scanning of departure code greatly improves the convenience of the public to pay the bill. With the departure code, there is no need for staffs to write off items.

When the consumer leaves the supermarket, they only need one second or two to scan the exit code of the dedicated channel. This method is very popular among young consumers. Within one month of launching this method, and the proportion of customers who use this method to pay is already 15%.


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