G50 Smart City Summit, China and the USA together for the new technology cities


A bridge between the US and China for smart cities. It is the proposal made by some cities in California to face the ‘Smart City G50’ conference that will take place in Silicon Valley at the beginning of April. Beijing and Tianjin have already confirmed their participation.

Berry Chang, chairman of the G50 Smart City Summit Committee, said five Chinese cities – including the capital Beijing and Tianjin, a port city in northern China – confirmed their intention to participate in the summit, to discuss the prospect of using the technology to create new smart cities.

The summit will be an opportunity to exchange ideas to be implemented in various cities, from Shanghai to Monterrey City.

Chang, as an example city in view of the summit, analysed the system of the metropolitan present in Shanghai, which goes on without a driver. “I visited China and to my surprise, (the) Shanghai subway system is driverless, and it can move 4,000 passengers in one train. That’s quite enough” said Chang. For this reason, the Chairman of the G50 Committee is hoping for a massive participation in the Silicon Valley summit.

But the summit also wants to be a meeting to exchange ideas on different skills. Shanghai will present its metro network and Monterrey City (California) will advance its ideas on ocean technology.

The purpose of the G50 Smart City Summit (scheduled from 6 to 7 April 2018) is just that: connecting cities around the world with experts from the hi-tech community, academics and local governments, to share ideas and advanced solutions to be implemented in the various metropolises.

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