GBA, the project of a giant “sharing” economy


In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the idea of a sharing economy is ever more alive. The project is to make the inhabitants of Hong Kong understand the importance of the GBA, of the sharing economy and not miss the opportunity the national development brings.

Irons Sze Wing-wai, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that the GBA is “an important channel” for Hong Kong to integrate into the country’s rapid development. Furthermore, language, culture and living habits in the region are similar so local people in the city could easily participate in this grand plan.

“At the present, many people are talking about the concept of ‘sharing’, like sharing economy. In fact, ‘sharing’ is also an important element in bay area cooperation” said Sze.

The project is to sharing strengths and advantages with each other. GBA cities will grow together. Sze is enthusiastic about the project and asked government to establish a special department to coordinate GBA-related matters to enhance efficiency.

The project is not only to improve, but also to solve problems that afflict the city of Hong Kong like home prices, the highest in the world, and to give industries new workers to hire. Moreover, with an aging population, there is the challenge of offering sufficient nursing homes to the elderly.

David Wong Yau-kar, Hong Kong deputy to the National People’s Congress, said: “This is not only an economic issue, but also an issue concerning people’s lives”. Wong thinks that the integration with the mainland through the GBA platform can provide a solution to the problem, since more people in Hong Kong can work and live across the boundary.

Michael Ngai Ming-tak, another CPPCC National Committee member, pointed out the bureaucratic problems and said that: “When we talk about Hong Kong’s development we should not merely focus on its own economic growth, but also look at the growth of regional economy. Construction of the bay area will bring benefits both for Hong Kong and the whole region”.

Ngai also noted how the GBA has advantages in finance, industry and technology, and the importance of making these forces cooperate.

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