Germany welcomes Huawei’s 5G




The German government has given a favourable opinion to the proposals of Huawei suppliers that will have to deal with supplying 5G networks



Not all the giants of the world economy are accepting Trump’s request not to use Huawei’s technology. Germany, in fact, on Tuesday released the rules on the construction and safe operation of telecommunications networks in the country and these do not exclude Huawei’s entry.

For communication networks, we obviously mean the construction of networks for 5G and the Chinese technology giant Huawei said on Wednesday it had welcomed “the move adopted by the German government to create a level playing field for 5G network vendors”.

Huawei, the world leader in the supply of telecommunications equipment, is currently hampered by the US government that wants its allies to keep Huawei technology out of the next generation of telecommunications networks.


The Chinese technology giant is proud to have over 30 years of experience in the security industry


While showing no evidence of Huawei’s wrong behaviour, the United States, in fact, threatened their allies with reduced intelligence sharing. Germany’s decision is particularly important from a geopolitical point of view. Indeed, Tuesday’s development in Europe’s largest economy shows that Washington’s pressure may not work well.

Stating that it has exemplary significance for addressing global cybersecurity challenges, Huawei in a statement praised “the fact-based approach and standards” of Berlin. “The politicization of cybersecurity will only hamper technological development and social progress without doing anything to address the security challenges facing all countries.”

“As a member of multiple global 5G standards organizations, Huawei has been deeply involved in the security of the 5G network since its inception and has ensured that cybersecurity is integrated into its network development and distribution practices,” Huawei said in the statement.




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