Guangzhou, a robot for the rehabilitation of drug addicts



The “Tianche No. E” began its stay in a rehabilitation center in the Nansha district


The interaction between human beings and machines always reaches new limits. And in the city of Guangzhou, in the south of China, there is the use of a talking robot to help the rehabilitation of drug addicts, through man-machine consulting.

The secret of this robot, developed in the capital of Guangdong province, is that it can be a special aid for drug addicts. The reason, in particular, is that, in some cases, drug addicts find it embarrassing to talk to workers in the human community.


It is co-developed by the Narcotics Control Commission


The “Tianche No. E”, which resembles a cubic Baymax, began its stay in a community rehabilitation center in the Nansha district. The robot is at the forefront of technology and is aided by artificial intelligence and big data algorithms.

In this way, the machine is able to offer individual counseling, psychological evaluation and a reminder of urine tests. The robot is co-developed by the district narcotics control commission and a Chinese technology company to optimize the rehabilitation service.


The robot has reduced the paperwork for recovery issues by 80%


After obtaining facial recognition, a user can begin counseling, an important part of follow-up care after drug addiction treatment, with the robot, which then generates a report.

Yang Qingqiu, deputy commander of the district’s anti-drug brigade, also thanked “Tianche No. E” for reducing 80% of their paperwork: “Traditional counseling can have problems like repetitive questions, complicated process of filing and lack of analysis “.



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