Hacker, Chinese database shows user data of appointments app



Users come from English-speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia


Personal data security issues for a Chinese database. The problem was discovered by researcher Jeremiah Fowler who said he had discovered a non-password-protected database with tens of millions of data regarding users of dating platforms.

In particular, in the database there are about 38.3 million data including ages, usernames and user positions from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries. According to Fowler, the registered address would emphasize the presence of the database in China; more precisely in Lanzhou.


The problem highlights widespread security flaws in China


Particularly worrying is the presence of a similar database in a country like China that is so careful to data security. Although the purpose of the database is unclear, the lack of details surrounding its creators and its lack of security are worrying.

As early as January, 5 million domestic train passengers saw their data stolen from various ticketing platforms, while in March Dutch security researcher Victor Gevers discovered a collection of 364 million records collected by Chinese social media users .

With this new security problem, it is clear that there are still widespread security flaws that exist even among established Chinese technology companies and that could influence the perception and international acceptance of local businesses.



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