#HereforJingyao, in hundreds in support of the woman who accuses the CEO of JD.com



Richard Liu was accused of rape a second time


Since Liu Jingyao, the Chinese University of Minnesota student who filed a civil lawsuit against Richard Liu, founder and CEO of JD.com last week – China’s second largest e-commerce operator – accusing him of rape, over 500 people have signed an online petition to support his case.

To support Jingyao in the last period the #HereforJingyao hashtag was born, which is currently used by many Chinese students abroad and in national universities on the main Social Media. These students signed the petition that states: “We believe in the survivors, we believe in your courage and honesty, we will always stay with you”.


The lawsuit, again filed last week, comes at a difficult time for the company


Liu Jingyao initially accused the founder of the JD in August, but the criminal charges were abandoned due to lack of evidence. The lawsuit, again filed last week, comes at a difficult time for the company, or when the founder’s ability to lead a tumultuous moment has been questioned.

The force that is getting the hashtag in support of Jingyao is also supported by the #MeToo-born online movement, whose growth in popularity has been slow in a country where sexual harassment and abuse are often pushed under the carpet, therefore being hidden.




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