High-tech restaurant without waiters? This is the future of food sector in China


In the future, restaurants no longer need waiters. Customs will order, pick up, and clean table by themselves. When you order at the restaurants’ App, the App will automatically identify customers’ tastes and preferences. When customs leave restaurants, app will automatically deduct money from customs’ accounts.

A few days ago, Wu Fang Zhai, very well known Chinese brand in food sector, making traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival food, a kind of rice pudding, announced that it will cooperate with Koubei (daily service platform, which is founded by Tmall) to launch the first intelligent restaurant, with “self-service” experience and opening 24 hours a day. It will officially be open in January 2018 in Hangzhou.

Is Wu Fang Zhai trying to develop their businesses by web? It not only launched flagship stores on Tmall platform, but also analyzed consumer preferences through Alibaba big data and developed new varieties and flavors, such as kimchi cheeses rice pudding and crayfish mooncakes.

In order to attract more young costumers, Wu Fang Zhai attempted to work with Disney and social platform KOL before. But this time, the brand it’s one of the first in China that tried to launch an high-tech restaurant. “Young consumers are more interested in online payments and IA experiences.” Wu Daxing, general manager of Wu Fang Zhai.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, Wu Fang Zhai also launched “pick-up ” function. With this service clients pre-pay their meals through Koubei platform, and pick up the order on time without line up or wasting time. The function also can effectively save labor cost and increase the average customs reception capacity of restaurants by more than 30%. Zheng Zhengbin, official strategist at Koubei, said, “Intelligent restaurants’ core meaning is to optimize and innovate the traditional business processes through big data, Internet and biological recognition.

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