H&M to launch flagship store on Tmall; Three Irish brands settle on Kaola


On March 13th, Hennes & Mauritz, known by international consumers as household brand H&M, announced that it will further expand its cooperation with Tmall, the largest e-commerce platform in China. H&M and H&M Home will officially settle into the Tmall platform on March 21st.

H&M stated that the move is a further expansion of its Chinese e-commerce market and it plans to deepen its exploration of digital and social marketing strategies in the region. H&M will launch its flagship store on Tmall in response to Alibaba Group’s new retail technology, which further caters to the digital consumption of Chinese consumers and provides an integration of online and offline experience through its Customer Relationship Management software.

Once the H&M flagship store makes its home on Tmall, it will launch over 10,000 fashion apparel and accessories items, including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and home furnishings. Meanwhile, the brand will utilize Tmall’s efficient customer service system and supply chain to make online/offline integration more efficient.

H&M is part of a growing trend – an increasing amount of international brands are developing partnerships with Chinese cross-border e-commerce platforms.

NetEase Kaola, a leading Chinese e-commerce platform, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with several Irish brands including Ovelle, Elave, and WaterWipes on March 15th. This marks the first occasion that all three brands have officially entered the Chinese market.

Lei Zhang, CEO of NetEase Kaola, stated that Kaola has been insisting on providing Chinese consumers with trusted items. Irish products are known for health and safety – especially food products, milk powder, and personal care items that enjoy a stellar reputation world over making them well worth introducing to Chinese consumers.

Ovelle and Elave, Irish skincare brands, were launched by Ovelle Pharmaceutical, an international skincare company founded in 1934 by a chemist in the traditional manufacturing sector in Dundalk, Ireland.

“We hope that more Irish brands will be able to seize the opportunities in the Chinese market, especially the fast-growing cross-border e-commerce market. Netease Kaola is the best partner for overseas brands in China thanks to its strong market share, the wide-reaching influence of digital marketing, and its warehousing, logistics, operations, and promotion advantages. We will assist Irish brands with success in China.” Lei Zhang stated.

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