How Chinese new logistic service can reduce pollution ?


Last year, in his address to China’s National People Congress, Premier Li Keqiang called for “heavy blows” to be struck against air and water pollution that have exacted a heavy toll on large swaths of the world’s most populous country. Li cited targets to improve environmental standards across the board, but focused in particular on measures to tackle urban smog that would deliver “good air quality” day readings for 80% of the year. And the Chinese government’s push to clean up the environment not only by inspecting and closing non-compliant factories across the country. Cainiao Express,YTO, ZTO and other major Chinese deliveries companies should reduce pollution by using new environmental protection material and recycling package boxes. Recently, Chinese Post Office Bureau and other government departments required material of package boxes should be more environmentally friendly and hope costumers should have environmental awareness.

According to Jack Ma, CEO at Alibaba group, “in a few years, the average daily package quantity in China will reach 1 billion, so relevant merchants should pay more attention to how to reduce pollution”. Cainiao Express and others players will promote a new industry and environmental protection, thus will support the use of recycling material and enhance consumers’ environmental awareness. In the past year, Cainiao Express has cooperated with more than 30 partners around the world to actively protect environment and set up Chinese first logistics environmental charity fund.

During 2017 Tmall Double 11, Cainiao Express was upgrading its environmental measures again. In Chinese 10 cities, “recycle package box plan” has been expanded to cover nearly 200 express stations. In cooperation with Xiamen municipal government, nearly two million package boxes were made by environmental protection material during Double 11.


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