Huateng Ma to promote Internet Plus Healthcare


Huateng Ma, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of the board and CEO of Tencent, stated in the press briefing of 13th National People’s Congress on Mar. 4 that following the proposal made last year for Internet Plus, he would make an additional five proposals this year including internet healthcare and internet ecological security.

Since last year, Internet Plus has become a buzz word in China. It is not only mentioned in the work report of the prime minister’s government and the guidance document of the State Council but also has become popular with pedestrians as well. ‘Internet Plus’ has penetrated all levels of the society and economy.

Huateng Ma believed that implementing the Internet Plus Plan as China’s national strategy would stimulate a social and productive force in the country. As of late, the internet is not just a tool for information gathering, it’s critical to larger architectures and energy resources. Under the promotion of the government and the domination of the market, the telecommunications industry, manufacturing industry, and software industry are all participating in the development of the internet. Together, these industries have jointly fueled the Chinese economy through leap-type development.

As an active practitioner of Internet Plus, Tencent signed the Internet Plus Strategic Cooperation Agreement with 13 Chinese provinces and 45 cities in 2017 to promote the transformation and development of the local economy through a cumulative experience of social media, big data, and Cloud-based services.

Promoting Chinese medical treatment

In recent years, more and more people have started their own businesses and innovated in the Internet Plus medical industry through initiatives such as Internet health consulting, mobile health service, and smart medical service on WeChat. Emerging technology, such as the Internet, has made contributions to the health service industry and launched many innovative products and services that are beneficial to people.

“We should make full use of emerging technologies like the internet to help optimize medical resources, improve the quality of medical services and improve people’s health. Such initiatives will be crucial to building and promoting health care and to achieve the 13th Five-Year Plan for social and economic development,” Huateng Ma stated. “Mobile Internet is good for optimizing the medical services process; smart services are good for innovating the medical service model and achieving personal health management, thus effectively reducing medical costs and increasing the efficiency of health insurance. Also, emerging technologies can improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.”

Attack online fraud

Now is the new era of the mobile Internet, but its development has been seriously affected by cybercrime. Huateng Ma believes that it is imperative to comprehensively construct China’s mobile Internet security system.

Users not only care about information security, they also focus on cybercrime. Scammers will even engage in criminal behavior via emerging technology, so strengthening data privacy and security remain pressing issues.


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