Huawei opens its Cybersecurity Transparency Center in Brussels


To ensure cyber security and to reassure Western governments, Huawei has decided to open the IT security office in the capital of Belgium

In the last period, Huawei Technologies has received numerous attacks from European and US governments regarding the security offered by its technology. To ensure this security and to reassure these governments, the Chinese telecommunications giant has set up an IT security office in the capital of decision-making in the European Union.
Thanks to the new center, Huawei’s foreign partners will be able to examine Huawei’s IT security solutions at the Cybersecurity Transparency Center, which was opened in Brussels, Belgium. The office shares, thus making the security protocols of the company based in Shenzhen involving the fifth generation mobile network, the Internet of Things and cloud computing, as well as providing product testing for customers.

In Europe and companies that violate the law will be fined with 20 million euros (22.6 million dollars)

Vice President and co-CEO Ken Hu during the opening ceremony said that Huawei fully understands the cyber security concerns that people have in the digital world. “I believe that the good solutions to solve the problem start from mutual understanding, which is the purpose for which today we have created the center of transparency” he said.
Huawei is committed to working closely with regulators and European companies to establish trust systems based on factual facts and verifications, Hu said, referring to the EU’s general data protection regulation that strengthened data privacy rules of users.


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