Huawei’s new project: the first fiber-optic cable between Asia and South America




Huawei is actively following the public tender launched by Chile for the construction of a trans-Pacific submarine fiber-optic cable


Huawei is already working on the development of 6G and now is also pushing for the construction of underwater optical fibers between Asia and South America. As reported by Reuters, in fact, Huawei Technologies declared that it was “very actively” interested in building the first submarine fiber-optic cable between South America and Asia.

In particular, the opportunity of this interest stems from Chile’s project to build the first trans-Pacific cable. To this end, Chile has launched a public tender which, according to David Dou Yong, CEO of Huawei in Chile, is actively followed by the Chinese company.


Huawei has launched the 6G research and development operations in Canada


David Dou Yong said: “This bidding process has several steps … We are ready and we will follow the process until the bid to select a vendor starts and for sure we will be part of the tender process.”.

In addition, Huawei’s project also has international relevance. In fact, the accusations made by the United States against Huawei include projects for the construction of submarine cables, potential espionage tools. And this is the first major project after the accusations


This is Huawei’s first major project after US accusations


The company’s public affairs manager, Weiqiang Zou, also gave further details regarding the reported sale of the submarine cable business, stating that the agreement was not confirmed and that no final decision has yet been taken.

Dou Yong told Reuters that there are still no agreements with the government, but that Huawei will continue to insist on state affairs. “We consider Chile as the reference point for the whole of Latin America,” he said




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