Hubei, a great future for Yangluo: the expansion of the port is under way


The Yangluo port, overlooking the Yangtze River in the central province of Hubei, has a bright future. Indeed, the area will be expanded to allow greater economic development in the region and to allow the realization of the project called “Belt and Road”.

As reported by, in fact, the plans for the second phase of the expansion of the port were approved by the experts of Hubei, while the first part had already started at the end of 2017.

The Yangluo port is certainly one of the most strategic in China, since it is located on the longest river in the country. The expansion project will make it the hub of the region, connecting it directly to the Wujiashan railway terminal, about 60 km away.

Furthermore, the numbers testify to the importance of the work in the port. Seeing that, at the moment, Yangluo could manage only 100,000 containers a year, while in the future this figure will increase significantly, settling at around 2.1 million each year.

Furthermore, as confirmed by the director of the Wuhan New Port Management Committee, Zhang Lin, the logistics costs for the transfer of loads will be significantly reduced. “This is an important step to carry out the national strategy of Yangtze River Economic Belt, and serve the Belt and Road Initiative”, Zhang said.

Furthermore, with the connection to the Wujiashan terminal, the port of Yangluo will open a window on Europe. The railway station has 16 direct lines with European cities such as Pardubice in the Czech Republic, Gorzow in Poland, Moscow in Russia, Hamburg and Duisburg in Germany and Lyon in France. A significant opportunity for economic expansion for China.

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