Hydrogen, the shared programs of China and Great Britain


A joint commitment between China and Great Britain regarding hydrogen technology. The idea was launched by some scientists during a seminar held in Wuhan, since the two countries’ research strategies are complementary.

Wuhan was chosen for the meeting thanks to its role as a pioneer of the hydrogen industry in China. According to the plan of the city, in fact, in the coming years the technology will advance and improve the hydrogen infrastructure as well.

Neutral hydrogen certainly plays a significant role in preventing climate change and, precisely for this reason, China and Great Britain have long been committed to addressing industrial and, above all, environmental challenges.

Tan Bi’en, professor with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said  that: “Scientists in the two countries have got support from both China and the UK governments to develop hydrogen-related technologies”.

Tan, who focuses mainly on the technologies used in hydrogen vehicles, has called for greater cooperation between research groups in China and the United Kingdom: “”For example, our group is good at hydrogen storage technologies, while the fellows in the UK are strong in water splitting technologies. By combining our efforts together, we can promote our hydrogen technologies in real applications”.

“The collaborations between China and the UK are based on complementary skills,” continued Tony Roskilly, a professor with Newcastle University.

“A lot of expertise has been developed in the UK in terms of the utilization of hydrogen. Here a lot of colleagues are working at the storage of hydrogen. They are different technologies. There are a lot of complementary activities we can all benefit from and make a big difference” Roskilly said.

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