In just 3 days Kuaishou with its app sold goods for 14 million dollars




This is a three-day promotion called Kaopu Haohuojie, where Kuaishou sold goods such as trousers and shirts


Sales on digital video platforms are increasingly a great way to reach users. An example is the experience of Kuaishou, the second largest Chinese short film app, which managed to sell over 100 million RMB (14 million dollars) of goods through its platform between August 28 and August 30.

In particular, Kuaishou, who had 341 million MAUs in June (monthly active users), said that during the three days of sales, called Kaopu Haohuojie, which means Trustworthy Goods Festival, the promotional videos were seen more than 200 millions of times.


Among the best-selling products there are trousers, toothpaste and t-shirts


Also, according to reports from Krasia in June, Kuaishou has integrated, Pinduoduo, Tmall and Taobao on its platform. With this feature, Kuaishou allows users to get to the products listed on these e-commerce sites, via a channel called Kuaishou Small Stores.

During the three-day promotion, Kuaishou labeled a series of “reliable” products from the shops within its platform rated above 4.8 out of 5 by customers.


Kuaishou, which has Tencent among its customers, aims to generate revenues of RMB 30 billion


When a user wants to buy a product seen on a Kuaishou video, the user will be directed to the e-commerce site where the product is listed and the transaction will be completed there.

Recent news shows that e-commerce has proved to be an important means for Kuaishou to monetize its huge user base, as well as collect revenue from live streaming and ad sales.




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