Innovation drives China on a par with the US for investments



To support it are the participants in the forum “China’s Innovation Revolution”


China could catch up with the United States, which has so far driven venture capital investments. To support it, are the participants in the “China’s Innovation Revolution” forum, which provided examples of the travel sharing conglomerate Didi Chuxing and the Xiaomi electronic device supplier. Both, in fact, have attracted billions of US dollars in equity financing.

The forum was organized by Silicon Dragon, a Silicon Valley based group that provides insights to the centers of technological innovation. The event, which involves over 200 entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, was aimed at exploring investment opportunities in China and the United States.


Giants like Alibaba, Meituan and Xiaomi could drive a new wave of growth


Hans Tung, managing partner of the venture capital firm GGV Capital, said that in the last decade, Chinese e-commerce has become an industry leader, both nationally and globally.

According to experts, the new wave of growth could lead by Alibaba, Meituan and Xiaomi; bringing it this way to super apps, better service and higher efficiency driven.


Xiaomi, Baidu and other big names are ready to take advantage of the situation


Many Chinese companies are relocating abroad, and this is improving the economies and strength of many states. An example? Xiaomi has set up localized production bases in India, where it has already emerged as the top hardware provider.

According to experts, China’s future will be that of a leader. Experts said China’s rapidly emerging new start-ups could herald a shift in the technology and innovation landscape around the world and see China take the lead.



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