Interview with Jungle Scout: the Essential Tool to Succeed on Amazon


Selling on Amazon could be a real challenge but Jungle Scout is here to provide sellers with tools and support to succeed in the marketplace. Cifnews spoke with Emma Sun, the Marketing Manager for China region at Jungle Scout


Selling on Amazon could be a real challenge. Just placing a product without a prior study on the item’s selling potential could be a total failure. Someone says it is like looking for gold without a proper metal detector.

But, fortunately, some online tools can help retailers with product placement and not only, especially for what concerns Amazon marketplace.

Among all the software available online, Jungle Scout is the most used by both companies and individual sellers.

Founded by the American entrepreneur Greg Mercer in 2014, Jungle Scout represents the solution to succeed on Amazon. At the time of the launch, it was the first Amazon product research tool on the market but the company quickly built an entire system composed of useful software, services, user guides, and support.


Today, almost 100,000 people use Jungle Scout tool and the leading media such as Forbes and The HuffPost already refer to Greg Mercer’s success as “the most helpful Amazon software in the space.”


But what does Jungle Scout actually do?

The enterprise provides tools and services to help Amazon sellers to build a profitable business in the marketplace. In addition, it also provides a team of specialists that follow the user through the entire selling process with tricks and strategies to perform better with the best product.

Therefore, to do that, the company provides many different kinds of help.

When the seller know what to sell and decides to put the product on Amazon marketplace, he usually relies on his own selling expectation ignoring the actual performance the item will produce. Other times, the seller does not even know which is the right product to choose among his entire catalog.

Jungle Scout thus offers both an online app and a Chrome Extension with which the user can find product ideas or evaluate the selling performance of particular items.



A Niche Hunter uses filters and keywords to suggest the most profitable and low-competition products in a second. The Product Tracker, instead, shows day-to-day sales of competitor’s goods.

Finally, thanks to the Product Database, the user can analyze all these data in order to identify a right niche to address and the best performing product to sell with the help of keywords generated by the tool.

Nevertheless, the software’s support does not end there. Free educational resources such as webinars, successful case studies, e-books, podcasts, and online guides are provided on the website so that everyone can start with everything he needs to succeed.

The software collects and analyzes billions of data points from Amazon in order to deliver the most accurate overall picture and someone could be overwhelmed by the amount of information received. Therefore, complete staff is also available for 24/7 support.

In January, Cifnews talked with Emma Sun – Marketing Manager for the China region at Jungle Scout – at the Global Cross-Border Conference in Shenzhen in order to learn more about this software.

Cifnews investigated with Ms. Sun the problems Chinese companies face when entering the American marketplace and how Jungle Scout company is helping. The Marketing Manager for the China region identified two main problems while working with Chinese companies which want to sell on Amazon. These issues are product selection and branding.

For what concerns the product selection, Ms. Sun explained that many sellers in China come from very different backgrounds and they think they can sell on the American marketplace every product they usually sell in the Dragon.

Chinese companies often do not understand that every product sold online needs a proper marketing campaign according to the specific market.


“Selling on Amazon what works in other places is not always profitable. Jungle Scout thus helps the company understand what product sells well and which is the most profitable one,” said Emma Sun to Cifnews.


Branding is another big question for Chinese companies selling on the American e-commerce website. To sell a brand abroad, every company needs employees who understand the market perfectly, but first of all, the company itself needs to understand it has to deploy some marketing strategies to position the brand in the marketplace.

According to Ms. Sun, Chinese businesses have a great relationship with factories or are factories themselves. Therefore, they are already able to create great and valuable products, what they need now is to make their brand more profitable.

To solve this problem, Jungle Scout not only provides free content about branding and marketing in general, but it has also implemented a feature called Jungle Market. This platform works with freelancers who offer marketing support to companies that want to figure out their issues and grow their brand awareness in an effective way.

In the upcoming years, branding will surely be a gamechanger in the e-commerce industry as well as finding the right communication while approaching different markets. Therefore, today, sellers need more than ever to understand their offer’s potential and optimizing their products portfolio while choosing the right market for their business is extremely important.


Interview with jungle scout - charity - cifnews

© Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout’s mission to share skills with entrepreneurs also extends to charity with the launch of products on Amazon whose proceeds are entirely donated.


Jungle Scout tool thus represents a solution for a number of problems which arise during the selling process on Amazon and it is collaborating with Cifnews to grow further even thanks to the attendance to Global Conferences organized all around the world.

Emma Sun, in fact, revealed the company identified Cifnews as an important media platform in China through which it can reach out even more Amazon sellers or potential ones, which is the company’s main goal for 2019.

In addition, the software also aims to cover even more markets. Although the company supports many markets including India, it does not work with the Japanese one. Jungle Scout is thus working to reach Japan, which is an essential region, especially for Chinese sellers.

Another goal of the company is to integrate new features to the platform so that the seller could promote his product and then be able to access the information on the item’s performance within the software.


“One of my greatest joys is helping other entrepreneurs ­­­­grow. At its core, Jungle Scout is a launching pad for entrepreneurs. Selling on Amazon is just the first channel to verify demand and capture an audience,” says Jungle Scout founder, Greg Mercer.


Jungle Scout thus aims not only at providing support during the selling process but it also aims at training sellers to become independent through the right tools. Indeed, the founder decided to share the company’s full story on the website, from its very inception to the establishment, along with all the bumps in between. The level of transparency is unprecedented because the goal is to share a successful case history to be held as an example.

Selling on e-commerce platforms alone is not always easy, it is a leap of faith that could result in a stroke of luck or in a total failure. To succeed in the marketplace landscape understand both the e-commerce marketing language and the product’s potential is now extremely important.

Jungle Scout represents the essential software for succeeding on Amazon, a beacon of light in the e-commerce’s jungle where placing products to sell is easy but reaching the sale is not obvious.


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