Irish beef now on Tmall


In China, Tmall is the first choice for buying imported beef. Tmall is constantly and efficiently meeting the strong demand of Chinese consumers for multinational and high-quality imported beef


On July 25, 2018, the Bord Bia/Irish Food Board launched the first selling of Irish beef on the Tmall platform. This is the first time that European beef was launched in China in 17 years and has a milestone significance. At present, Shanghai citizens have become the first batch of experiencers.

Ireland is the largest net exporter of beef in the Northern Hemisphere. In April of 2018, Ireland approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China and became the first major beef exporter in the EU to be allowed to enter the Chinese market. Within three months, the Irish Food Authority quickly reached a cooperation intention with the cloud-like supply chain, contributing substantial progress to the Irish beef’s targeted exports, enabling Chinese consumers to enjoy high-quality Irish beef.

Tmall is the first choice for imported beef in China. Tmall launched Brazilian beef in August 2015, and American and New Zealand chilled beef was first launched in 2017, and now, Tmall is constantly and efficiently meeting the strong demand of Chinese consumers for multinational and high-quality imported beef.

According to the data on Tmall, the consumption of imported beef has risen sharply. Among them, steak consumption accounts for 60% of the total consumption of beef. Brazilian beef has increased by 9 times, Argentina beef has increased by 8 times and Canada has increased by 6 times.


The Irish beef that launched on Tmall was all certified by the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme. The essence of this program is to commit superior quality, and farmers and processors strive to obtain quality marks to show that their products are at the leading edge in food safety, animal welfare, and environmental protection


“China is the second largest beef importer in the world and is an important strategic market for us. The Irish government values the development potential of Irish beef in the Chinese market and cherishes trade opportunities,” James O’Donnell, Asia Pacific Director of the Irish Food Board said, “we are very pleased to bring our high quality, natural beef products to Chinese consumers via Tmall, and look forward to more opportunities to promote Irish cuisine in the future.”

Irish beef is known around the world for its excellent taste, strict food safety regulation and sustainable development, and Ireland has a unique natural advantage in cattle farming.

The herd has an annual natural grazing period of about 300 days per year. They enjoy Irish natural pastures grown in a pure natural environment. Irish beef has less fat and is not worried about excessive cholesterol intake. The meat is chewy and has a charming taste.

At the same time, Ireland is the first country in the world to introduce sustainable development programs into the entire food industry. Its unique beef traceability system ensures that every Irish cattle has a separate passport that records their information and health situation. All beef and beef products can trace back to the day the cattle were born.

According to data reports, Tmall’s global top quality fresh foods have exceeded 150,000, covering over 150 countries and regions around the world. The major categories of commodities include high-quality fruits, aquatic products, and meat. With the help of Cainiao Express and social logistics, Tmall can deliver on the next day in over 1,500 cities in China.




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