Jack Ma: 99% of the trade will occur online in 2030


When attending the 2018 WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Jack Ma pointed out that the trade war will not only destroy trade between China and the US but also destroy many small and medium-sized enterprises in other countries



Jack Ma said that in 2030, 99% of trade will occur online, and 80% of SMEs will benefit from e-commerce and free trade. The trade deficit should not be a problem. The trade deficit is the language of the last industrial century, and everyone should pay attention to the quality of trade.


“In the 21st century, we should be able to solve problems without conflict. Internet and innovation may be a solution”, said Mr. Ma.


“Today our business is B2C, 2030 will be C2B, 2030 will no longer be made in China, made in the USA, made in Switzerland, but made on the Internet. Today, if we still need trade protection, not to protect a country, trade in a region, but should protect trade itself, protect small and medium-sized enterprises, protect innovation, protect intellectual property rights, protect young people and the future,” Jack Ma said.

When asked how to look at the escalating trade war, Jack Ma said: “The China-US trade war will not only destroy China-US trade but also destroy many small businesses in other countries. It is not good for everyone. Unfortunately, trade wars may last for 20 years. We live in the 21st century and we should have the wisdom to solve it.

In the next 30 years, the world will face the enormous challenge of the scientific and technological revolution. China and the United States should jointly solve challenges, create job opportunities, eliminate poverty, and use technology to eliminate diseases and to improve the environment.”

Jack Ma believes that trade increases people’s trust, which is the most important value of trade and e-commerce. Entrepreneurs should build trust between different countries. The government should protect innovation, invest in the development of Internet infrastructure, and help small businesses to achieve global purchases of global sales globally.


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