Jack Ma: companies must use smart technology


On September 17, Jack Ma talked about new manufacturing at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference


“In the future, successful manufacturing industry must have good uses smart technology because companies that do not use smart technology will fail.” On September 17, Jack Ma talked about new manufacturing at the 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference. He believes that in the next 30 years, smart technology will be used in all walks of life in the next 30 years, completely reshaping traditional manufacturing. If enterprises cannot transform from scale and standardization to individualization and intelligence, it will be difficult to survive. AI technology is more advanced, and if it cannot be combined with the manufacturing industry to promote transformation and upgrading, it will lose its meaning.

Jack Ma said that whether it is artificial intelligence or machine intelligence, it is not a simple technological change, but a change in productivity, production relationship, and production materials


In the future, data is production materials, computing is productivity, and the Internet is production relationship. All human lives will be changed by data and computing.

“In the industrial and information era, manufacturing is automation, scale, and standardization. In the data era, manufacturing is personalized and intelligent.” Jack Ma said that the future manufacturing industry is not just manufacturing, but manufacturing with services. In the future, the manufacturing industry will not merely rely on resources and industry support, but on data and service industries. The focus of the future manufacturing industry is not to introduce funds, but to introduce knowledge and talents.

At the Chongqing Smart China Expo, Jack Ma proposed that after new retail, new manufacturing is the key, and new manufacturing is a new impetus for economic transformation


People have expectations but also fears about this technological revolution in the data era. Jack Yun believes that AI is not a technology, but a way of thinking and exploring the world. It is a tool for us to change the world.

“Like AI technology, blockchain technology, IoT technology, these technologies, no matter how advanced, if they cannot combine with manufacturing and service industries, cannot promote transformation and upgrading, cannot promote more sustainable development of society, cannot make our lives healthier and happier, therefore lose meaning.”

Jack Ma also talked about a new trend of Internet finance. He believes that true Internet finance relies on data technology, relying on data risk control systems and data credit systems. “When you have a lot of data, you must use the AI machine intelligence source for risk control.”

One of the missions of the data era is to promote transformation and upgrading, and to solve many problems in today’s economy and society, then our rules, systems, thinking, and education must all change. This is not only the challenge for scientists and technicians, but also a huge challenge for government operations.




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