Jack Ma: Without the protection of intellectual property rights, China’s creation industry is unlikely to improve


From model innovation to capacity sharing, Ali has set up a system of intellectual property protection and governance with a pragmatic attitude


Jack Ma, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, mentioned in the “China Enterprise Furniture Club Forum” on August 19 that without the protection of intellectual property rights, China’s creation industry is unlikely to improve.

An entrepreneur engaged in vaccine production has asked that since China has become a major economic power in the world. Blockchain and other technologies have brought many benefits in some fields. Is there any way to eliminate fakes and counterfeit problems?


Jack Ma said that in China, in the past 10 years, because of the development of the Internet, both the government and companies like Alibaba have continued to strengthen intellectual property protection and have achieved great results.


“Blockchain should be part of the solution to the problem of counterfeit goods. I hope that China will have a leap-forward development in the promotion of intellectual property protection in the next five years.”

“Ali has been doing this every minute. In the past 19 years, I have taken part in many meetings. There is a meeting that I have never missed, that is the intellectual property protection, and anti-counterfeiting meeting. If business people all think that this is a serious matter, this problem will be solved faster.” Jack Ma called that the government and some companies like Ali should work together to safeguard intellectual property interests.


Such as his call to the whole society during the National Conference in 2017, “deal with counterfeits as the same as drunk driving”, Ali continued to call on the society to cope with anti-counterfeiting.


The results are apparent. In 2017, Ali joined with society to make a historic breakthrough on online fake goods governance and intellectual property protection. 97% of the suspected infringing links that were actively deleted and blocked. 240,000 suspected Taobao infringing shops were shut down.

Just half a month ago, the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) announced that its members had exceeded 100. These 12 industries, including luxury goods, jewelry, clothing, and smart devices, etc. are made up of brands such as Microsoft, Apple, and LV to fight counterfeit goods. They have smashed 247 manufacturing and selling gangs over the past year to help law enforcement agencies capture more than 300 people. The amount involved is nearly 1 billion yuan.


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