JD Daojia cooperates with more than 30 chain retailers online and offline


JD Daojia has reached cooperation with more than 30 chain retailers including Sam, ParknShop, Pagoda, Dashenlin Pharmacy, etc., fully integrating online and offline membership data


After the integration of online and offline membership data, it enables members to manage membership and precision marketing through JD’s Daojia big data platform and CRM management system.

In order to help brands develop members, JD has also created an offline member development solution. Three core services, “Membership code”, “Self-service cash register” and “Easy purchase” as the core services for brands to utilize.

“Super Member Code” is a “three-in-one” cash register solution that integrates with the business membership system, commodity system and POS system to provide member identification, coupon verification and order payment. Not only improving in efficiency, the store is also fully digitalized. The brands only need to guide consumers to make their payment through the super member code in JD Daojia’s App, greatly shorten the checkout process.


JD Daojia Platform divides users into three groups: fans, subscribers and members, and classifies users according to different dimensions such as basic attributes, user environments, and consumptions. Brands can use JD Daojia’s “Membership Marketing System”, to achieve accurate marketing.


Dada-JD Daojia is a city express service platform and unbounded retail real-time consumption platform. Dada has covered more than 400 major cities nationwide, serving more than 1.2 million businesses and over 50 million individual users. The daily peak volume has reached 10 million;

JD Daojia has also covered nearly 40 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. There are more than 50 million registered users, monthly active users exceed 25 million, and the daily peak volume exceeds 1 million in major cities.

JD Daojia provides consumers with one hour delivery services of fresh fruits and vegetables, daily necessities, medical health, flower cakes, and beauty care products. The company was established in early 2014 and has received investment from top funds and strategic partners such as Sequoia, DST, JD, and Walmart. The accumulated financing amount exceeds $1.3 billion USD.


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