JD Global Expand in Korea


JD.com’s cross-border e-commerce platform, JD Global, established an office in Seoul, South Korea


JD said that in addition to maintaining the cooperation relationship with Korean brands, this office will focus on finding more products that can enter China, thus greatly increasing the scale of procurement in South Korea, which is the second after JD’s global purchase in Tokyo, Japan, an overseas office for the purpose of purchasing goods.


JD.com emphasizes that JD.com globally establishes procurement centers in the world to control more high-quality products.


First, it will directly inspect the origin of the products, directly connect with brands, factories, large-scale supermarkets, and top global suppliers, and eliminate counterfeit goods, to guarantee the quality of goods.

The core function of JD Global’s Korea office is to provide a full range of access solutions and infrastructure services for Korean brands to enter the Chinese market, with a focus on four types of support and service initiatives.

The office will provide a series of empowerment and support measures for Korean brands. JD Global will use its advantages in user insight and marketing innovation to provide customized marketing services for Korean brands.


In addition, JD Global will use three types of resources, such as dataopenplatform, trainingsystem and its own supply chain, to help Korean brands and businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance user experience.


Zhu Dan, general manager of the Japan-Korea Sales and Marketing Center of JD Mall, said that by establishing an efficient direct Korean procurement center, it is estimated that JD’s global purchase of goods in Korea will soon increase by more than three times.

Why does JD Global Purchase choose to establish an office in Korea? According to JD Big Data, South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for JD users in terms of JD’s cross-border e-commerce business.

China and South Korea are both East Asian countries, and there are many common and similar places in terms of consumption habits and preferences. South Korea’s beauty care, maternal and child products, health care, food and beverage, and 3C products are widely favored in China, especially due to the influence of Korean pop culture.


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