JD, heavy drones arrive for deliveries



JDY-800, JD’s first heavy lifting drone, has a wingspan of over 10 meters


On 18 June, the Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com released the first prototype of an “extra heavy” drone and announced a program to develop them on a large scale.

JDY-800, the first heavy lifting drone presented by JD, has a wingspan of over 10 meters with autonomous flight capability. The cruising altitude reaches 3,000 meters, while the speed settles over 200 kilometers per hour. The autonomy in flight also exceeds 1,000 kilometres.

But the element that most characterizes this drone is its enormous load capacity. Even though it weighs only 840 kilograms, the JD drone is capable of carrying loads of up to 5 tonnes.


This special type of drone requires new design and engine technologies


Not only. an extra-heavy lift drone has also been designed to load 40 to 60 tonnes with a planned flight distance of over 6,000 kilometers.

This special type of drone, therefore, requires new design and engine technologies. In this regard, JD’s drone research and development department, located in the major aeronautical center of Xi’an, will provide JD with technological support for the company’s military and civil integration services.

The coordinated work between the military enterprise and the civil enterprise has always been a union aimed at technological progress. Suffice it to say that hundreds of freight aircraft owned by FedEx Corporation have already been equipped with missile deception devices for military use.



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