JD Logistics extends its delivery service to 50 cities in China



The goal is to increase revenue, given the losses (over RMB 2.8 billion) of 2018


All residents of 50 Chinese cities will now be able to take advantage of the package collection and delivery services of the JD.com logistics arm. To confirm an official statement of the same JD.com.

The delivery service was opened in October last year by JD Logistics, a branch established in 2007 to manage the delivery of goods ordered on JD.com. The goal was to increase revenue. It is currently possible to send a package via a JD Logistics courier, which manages door-to-door delivery.


JD Logistic has also replaced the old salary method based on salary plus bonus


As confirmed by Richard Liu, JD Logistics recorded losses exceeding RMB 2.8 billion ($ 417.5 million) in 2018. Liu then specified that the company had no other choice, and this is the reason it has prompted the company to push its couriers to obtain delivery orders from multiple individuals in addition to its e-commerce fulfillment

Now for couriers there is a new remuneration structure that offers couriers only a fee based on performance. This has replaced the previous offer model, consisting of basic salaries plus bonuses.



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